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What is a Glory Story?

At Glory Story Treasures we believe that it really is the THOUGHT that counts!  Surround yourselves and the ones you love with thought inspiring treasures!


Glory Story Treasures are great conversation pieces!  Break the ice by owning something that will help you jump-start a conversation with a new acquaintance or business prospect.  Glory Story Treasures also make great gifts for long distance relative with whom you want to build or keep your relationship.  Consider a collection to teach that grandchild about history or their ancestry and open the door to a conversation.


Men, browse our anniversary collection for a gift that will remind her how special she is long after the roses have wilted.  Ladies, consider starting an anniversary collection for your hard-to-buy-for prince.  Make it an anniversary tradition and each year his collection will build more and more value...just as your bond with each other grows.

A portion of all proceeds go to Toys For Tots.

What is a "Glory Story"?  Remember the days of sitting with a grandparent and hearing the stories of their youth...stories of their glory days?  These are the stories you remember and make you proud to be a member of your family.  These are Glory Stories.  Non-living things can have Glory Stories too.  Like the tales from Grans, these stories can teach, inspire and bring color to your life in a variety of ways.  Each item we sell has a story to tell.  We can also help you build your own story with custom commissioned works of art and/or secret shopper services.


Glory Story Treasures, LLC is located in Buford, Georgia. We offer a unique selection of antiques, gifts, collectibles and specialized services.

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